University students nominate/vote for the stars – Ambassadors “representing various countries” announce the winners + Celebrities receive their awards with signatures…

University students from national and international universities nominate and vote for their favourite celebrities “singers, actors, journalists, directors , fashion designers etc . “

  • 1st stage of voting: 1000 students from various universities nominate 5 names under each category. The highest 3 names are announced as the nominees under each category in a press conference for the more tensed stage of voting to start.
  • 2nd stage of voting: 5000 students from various universities choose only 1 name of each category.
  • The winning celebrities are announced in the big ceremony night that includes red carpet  , performances & music with never ending applauses from the left , from the right from the top and from the back and the front .
  • Ambassadors from various countries and different backgrounds arrive to either announce the winners or receive their own honouring award.

The Founder

Youssef Khaizaran

A dream is a dream, and a Star is who you are…Stream.” Yussouf Khaizaran 

. Filmmaker – Producer – Founder of the unique youth awards ceremony Student Celebrity Awards

. Big dreamer yet so realistic in life and in the reality of its dreams.

. Coming from a mixture of Eastern and Western Routes , Yussouf certainly believes in the planet as one ; despite your colour / race / religion and background . And so , his work focuses to always enlighten such messages topped with love , romance and music.


It all started as a dream in a Public Relations course with Dr. Ramez Maluf, chairperson of the Communication Arts Department in the Lebanese American University. A dream that I insisted and persisted to get out of the lines & circles of imagination and boost into the lines & circles of reality of life. Thus, It was destined to be fulfilled and accomplished.” “When the project was offered as a newborn baby , I saw it as a place to spread my messages. My messages of thankfulness to my beloved country Lebanon and show the world that Lebanon is an international society that can handle international awards ceremonies with the participation of various countries. My messages of thankfulness to all those artists who have been spreading us awesome art through out the years and occasions and are big part of our influential behaviours in society through their music movies shows articles and any piece of art. ““In my word , during the ceremony night , I made sure to boldly mention the several obstacles I crossed during the preparations despite that those obstacles are normally encountered during the preparation of any big festival. 

Thus , the reason for me on boldly stating the obstacles i encountered during the preparations is simply to influence other young men and students my age to believe in their dreams and work to make them come true and build a better society. It was a big honour to discover that not so far after the ceremony’ night , my words turned to have had a big influence not only on the youth , but also on professionals who have been quiet a while in the industry . And in less than 3 months after Student Celebrity Awards ceremony, the awards ceremonies started to be born in Lebanon and the near region one after another until it became impossible to count them . Ambassadors too were started to be invited to such awards ceremonies after they used to mostly participate in diplomatic events only. Perhaps , those organisers who started inviting the ambassadors wanted to enforce my message that Lebanon is a society that can handles all other societies . Thanks for spreading my message more.

  “It feels lovely seeing your work having this big impact on many people . It feels lovelier seeing that your words have been the influence of many people working to be special and improve their selves and society  . Because , we all together , can build our dream society “. 


Thanks to all…

My Family ; my father , to your soul I dedicate all my success of yesterday , today and tomorrow . Your trust and big belief in me are the secret key of my endless achievements . I promise to always be up to your expectations and live to be as you always told me “You will have a valuable global figure’. My mother for being the hidden guardian angle of all my achievements in life. My sisters and brothers for all your endless support.

Thanks to Dr Ramez Maluf , for encouraging us , trusting us , guiding us and accepting all the nagging through out all the process.

My colleges : Samia Bou Hilayem , Rouba Jaafar, Farah Sami , Layan Doyeik , Omar Kossi , Rola Mansour , Mirna Haidar , Tala Riz , Nisreen Khoury , Edwen Raad and all my colleagues who despite we worked together in the first half of the event . We were all together there to give birth to it.

To the Media Partners, Mr Ghassan Hajjar – Annahar newspaper , Ms. Khalida Ahmadieh – AL Jaras Magazine , Mrs Patricia Hachem – Bisara7a , Mr Viny Roumy – Melody FM , Mr Salah Salam – Al Liwaa newspaper , Ms Madonna Sabagh – The Daily Star and to all the journalists who made the huge coverage of Student Celebrity Awards.

To the Lebanese Police for the protection provided through out all the ceremony.

To the lovely hosts Youmna Sherry , Rodolph Hilal and Raja Naseredine .

To the amazing designer Imad Abou Jawde for transferring my vision in my mind to existing graphics and art work.

To G.V , J.B.E , and all amazing believers of this event .

Thanks to all … “Giving gratitude is big part of success in life always .” Yussouf Khaizaran …

Thank You God , first , and foremost …

Dedicated to  the soul of Fahman “Mahmoud Mabsout” , you honoured SCA with your presence.

To the soul of the young unique director Yehya Saade , you were a big believer and supporter to us and all the youth , way to go “ as you always say” …

To the soul of Anotine Harb , Thank you for making our life easier in the historical theatrical Unesco Palace. R.I.P

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