Music Awards

> Honouring Award : Elissa for winning the World Music Awards for 3 times and representing Lebanon as an ambassador in the foreigner countires.

> Female Singer of the year : Elissa

> Female Song of the year : Aa Bali Habibi – Elissa

> Album of the year : Tesadaa Bi Meen – Rotana – Elissa

> Male Singer of the year : Wael Kfoury

> Male Song of the year : Halet Hob – Wael Kfoury

> Media Personality of the year : Joumana Bou Eid

> Honoring Award : Joumana Bou Eid as an ambassador سفيرة لجمعية انسانية عالمية – جمعية أصدقاء لبنان في موناكو

Music Video Director of the Year : Yehya Saade – Eh elli bi yehsal – Myriam Fares

Acting Awards

> Drama Series Actress of the year : Cyrine Abedel Nour – Sara Series

> Facebook Star : Cyrine Abedel Nour

Drama Series Actor of the year : Youssef El Khal – Sara Series

Theatre Actor of the year : Georges Khabbaz

Theatre Actress of the year : Leilyan Nemri

Comedy Actor of the year: Talal Jurdi

Hairdresser of the year: Joe Raad

Honoring Awards

Abu Salim Al Tabel – Fahman

Nidal Al Ahmadieh

Rima Njeim

Tony Khawaji

Timma Khayzaran

George Valentino

Ramez Maluf

Youmna Sherry

Nominees & press conference

Press conference

Female Singer of the year

  • Elissa
  • Nancy Ajram
  • Yara

Male Singer of the year

  • Wael Kfoury
  • Assi Hellani
  • Ragheb Alama

Young Singer of the year

  • Joseph Attieh
  • Saad Ramadan
  • Nabil Ajram
  • Other

Best Music Video

  • Nancy Ajram – Mashi HADDI – Layla Kenan
  • Myriam Fares – Eh elli Beyhsal – Yehya Saade
  • Assi Hellani – Hallet Galbi – Adel Serhan

Male Song of the year

  • Wael Kfoury – Law Hobna Ghalta
  • Wael Jasser- Ghareeba El Nass
  • Fares Karam- El Ghirbi

Female Song of the year

  • Elissa – Aa Bali Habibi
  • Najwa Karam – Khalini Shoufak
  • Nancy Ajram – Salimouli Aleh

Best Album

  • Najwa Karam – Khalini Shoufak
  • Elissa – Tesada Bi Meen
  • Ragheb Alama – Ba’shak

Best Drama Series Actress

  • Cyrine Abdul Nour
  • Carmen Leboss
  • Nadine El Rassi

Best Drama Series Actor

  • Youssef El Khal
  • Ammar Shalak
  • Peter Semaan

Best Theatre Actor

  • George Khabbaz
  • Ammar Shalak
  • Rafik Ali Ahmad

Best Theatre Actress

  • Vivane Antonious
  • Leilyan Nemri
  • Nada Abu Farhat

Best Comedy Series Actor

  • Wissam Sabagh
  • Tala Jurdi
  • Carlos Azar

Best إعلامي/ إعلامية

  • Joumana Bou Eid
  • Malek Maktabi
  • Mona Abu Hamze

Fashion Designer of the year

  • Elie Saab
  • Zuhair Murad
  • Abed Mahfouz

Star of Facebook

  • All nominated celebrities compete for the most voted star on Facebook by its users.

Celebrities Quotes

  • After receiving 4 awards and being called the star of awards , this year is one of the most successful years of my life...

  • So happy with my two awards especially its coming from university students who have freedom of choice. its nice to see universities honouring art and celebrities who present astonishing works.

    Joumana Bou Eid
  • Very thrilled and happy and Im honoured to receive my 2 awards tonight based on the choice of university students.

    Wael Kfoury
  • This award is so valuable because its voted by university students who represent a big percentage of the audience.

    Tony Khawaji
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